Rick Browne, Ph.B.
Oxo Good Grips long-handled shredding clawsOxo Good Grips long-handled shredding claws

These meat shredders may be easier for some folks to use as they keep your hands away from the hot meat you work. The contoured grips make the OXOs easy and comfortable to hold, plus the teeth interlock nicely for maximum shredding. The claws themselves are quite long, an advantage for shredding meat directly inside crockpots, Dutch ovens, and pressure cookers. The wide claw shape and long handles allow you to easily lift large roasts as well. They are made from nylon, come only in black, are heat resistant to 450˚F, have a money back guarantee, are dishwasher safe, and are made in China. Generally speaking, they are ever so slightly less expensive than similar models on the market.


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